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Hello, gorgeous!

Do you remember the moment you fell head over heels for makeup? I know I still do! Maybe you snuck into your mom’s makeup drawer for a little impromptu primping session. Maybe you let your BFF practice their budding MUA skills for your killer homecoming look.

Or maybe you were a reluctant first timer who saw the glow up and became a believer (like me)! When I turned 13, my mom dragged me to the local mall for my very first makeover. I walked into the store as an awkward, acne-ridden high school freshman who was uncomfortable in their own skin - but I left as an aspiring minor-league beauty guru!

I fell in love with makeup because of the confidence it inspired in me, despite my teenage acne - I was totally hooked on the transformative and empowering experience. This started my life-long passion for helping others feel great in their own skin. I soon grew into the role of unpaid makeup artist to all of my fabulous friends and the go-to authority on all things beauty.

The inspiration behind Charlotte Cook Cosmetics came from my realization that so many of the products I put on my face every day were filled with chemicals. At 16, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease - an autoimmune disorder that required me to adopt a gluten free lifestyle. As I learned to monitor the ingredients in everything I put in & on my body, I was shocked to learn about all chemicals that were in the products & makeup that I was using every day. Cosmetics are some of the least regulated products in the United States, which has allowed beauty brands to incorporate toxins, carcinogens, and endocrine disruptors into their formulas. Scary!! These chemicals are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. While makeup made me feel good on the outside, I was worried about what damaging ingredients could be doing to me on the inside.

When I was a sophomore in college, I knew I wanted to use my passion for beauty to create products that everyone could feel great about using - inside and out! I was so excited to begin this clean beauty journey that Charlotte Cook Cosmetics was born out of my dorm at Georgetown University.

After 4 years of careful formulation and trying to figure out how to make modern beauty clean, Charlotte Cook Cosmetics is proud to provide a healthier alternative to modern beauty that makeup lovers will feel great about, inside and out. That’s why all Charlotte Cook Cosmetics products are dermatologist tested, non-GMO certified and cruelty free. We strive to enhance both inner and outer beauty by using only the best, natural and organic ingredients so you’ll always look and feel perfectly put together.

PS – I absolutely LOVE to see how you make yourself look and feel perfectly put together in my thoughtfully and responsibly formulated products! Tag #CharlotteCookLooks on social to share your fave makeup masterpieces.

Thanks for inviting me on your beauty journey!

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